Nasser Bin Khaled Real Estate

No longer overshadowed by its ritziest neighbors, Qatar has witnessed the rise of several world-class real estate projects. Management companies leading these ambitious developments need a combination of deep-rooted local expertise and international knowledge. They need to be strategic, proactive, transparent and highly professional in their business activities.Leading the way on all these fronts is NBK Real Estate Co.
Characterized by its solid heritage and its commitment to boosting Qatar’s economy ever higher, Nasser Bin Khaled Real Estate has positioned itself as an industry benchmark. In the face of fierce competition, it has grown to become one of the most successful, most respected real estate groups in the country.
Abu Hamour Compound
Westbay Lagoon

With a mission to enhance the urban and social milieu in Qatar, Nasser Bin Khaled Real Estate has engaged in the buying, selling and maintaining of property in the country, as well as coordinating property management for industrial, commercial and residential buildings.

Given the fact that property application and profit opportunities are much varied, the company endeavored to provide a diversified range of corporate investment and retail operations with services extended to reach project development, design and supervision, feasibility studies and annual budgeting.

This, in turn, has enabled NBK Real Estate to anticipate, understand and cater to a broad range of market requirements.

Managing over QAR2 billion worth of property, Nasser Bin Khaled Real Estate is led by an exemplary management team, renowned for its unparalleled real estate competence, an ability that has been at the core of the company’s greatest successes.

By applying its excellence and expertise, NBK Real Estate will continue to expand and develop a wide range of projects. In doing so, it will greatly enhance Qatar’s real estate landscape, helping to turn the country into an international residential, tourist and business attraction.