NBK Powered Sports was launched in 2008 to be the umbrella for two main motor sports leisure companies, Harley-Davidson motorcycles and Kawasaki motorcycles and Vehicles. NBK Powered Sports’ customer base includes motorcycles and sports enthusiasts that enjoy outdoors and sea lifestyles.

Harley-Davidson Qatar was established as a distributor for Harley-Davidson motorcycles in 2006. Harley-Davidson Qatar is part of the Harley-Davidson worldwide family and has a rich history of dealing with Harley-Davidson motorcycles. The business is founded on years of excellent customer service and dedication to customers.

Harley-Davidson Qatar is not just about selling motorcycles. It also promotes a uniquely recognized lifestyle. Harley-Davidson Qatar has an excellent Service and Parts Department; where customers can also find all the latest designer clothing and chrome accessories.

MV AgustaMV Agusta S.p.A.
NBK was proud to be appointed in September 2013 as an official distributor throughout the Middle East for this iconic brand.

“There are plenty of beautiful motorcycles. MV Agusta is something else”.

The most exclusive brand of the entire motorcycle industry. A myth sanctioned by the 75 world titles gained (37 manufacturers and 38 racers) and celebrated through products capable of conquering the appreciation of enthusiasts and experts alike. Distinctive and seductive styling are trademarks of the MV Agusta F4 and Brutale that are equipped with a refined four cylinder inline engine with radial valves, a peculiarity that makes the products unique in the motorcycling world.
“Moulding matter with the force of passion. By means of this philosophy, MV AGUSTA creates its models following a commitment that starts from expert craftsmanship and materializes into the rational language of standardization. For these reasons, the MV AGUSTA F4 and Brutale behold a different and unreachable beauty where the richness of contents reveal both the complexity of a product carefully handmade and the rational execution necessary for mass production. The consequent expressive value that results is close to a work of art that finds its contemporary presence in the technology adopted and in its destination.”

MV Agusta represents the romantic history of Italian motorcycling, founded on passion, success in motorsports and the performance of the more extreme models. The numerous triumphs on track and off road have magnified the excellence of the brand as well as the quality of the production models that are exported worldwide.
The product differentiation within the Group allows the brands to be placed on the market with specific products. Prestige and exclusivity are qualities that characterise the company.

Husqvarna_logoHusqvarna Motorcycles Qatar
Husqvarna Motorcycles Qatar has been established in 2015 under the umbrella of NBK Powered Sports. Husqvarna Motorcycles Qatar is a distributor for motocross, endure and supermoto motorcycles. A well known firm for street bikes and road racing bikes became more recognisable for powerful off-road dirt bikes.

Husqvarna Motocycles Qatar guarantees an outstanding customer service to ensure the best quality delivered to its customers.