Vision and Mission

Group Vision
Committed to Excellence, Quality and our deeply rooted heritage

Group Mission
We will always strive to brand “Nasser Bin Khaled” as the leader quality provider for all businesses that we choose to associate with; to achieve this we will conduct the following:

Remain a key Quality Service Provider and a leading name in the region, for elite services within our planned scope of business, in keeping with our long and illustrious heritage as an industry leader across the Automotive and Automotive Service sectors.

Establish an unmistakable presence in the construction and related industries as a renowned quality service provider across the region, who offers the best value service, reliable customer care, and total solutions by utilizing our long standing experience in the field of our businesses to delight our clientele.

A History In The Making

In the early 1950’s, the late Sheikh Nasser Bin Khaled Al Thani established Nasser Bin Khaled Holding with a distinct vision:

A commitment to establishing a world-class company, one in which entrepreneurial excellence was the norm, whose innovative and ethical business practices would benefit not only its individual customers, but the State of Qatar. Then he set about making this vision into a reality.

Under Sheikh Nasser’s guidance, the company quickly became one of the most respected, in-demand operations in the country and the region.

NBK managed the selling and distribution of notable international brands in the Qatari market and, later on, expanded its range of activities to encompass significant investment, industrial and trade sectors, turning into a key player in the rapidly developing economy of Qatar.

Over the years, Nasser Bin Khaled widened its umbrella of businesses to include several new companies with various operations, and partnered with key multi-national organizations. NBK owns major companies in the fields of Automotive, construction, oil & gas, agriculture, real estate, fashion, hospitality, marine and IT.

Today, in the automotive industry, Nasser Bin Khaled is a leading provider of premium international products and services that cater to the ever-growing local market demands. NBK earned the trust and esteem of the local market by providing quality products and a diversified line-up of multi-national names turning Qatar into one of the most prominent competitive automotive markets in the region and well beyond. NBK has aligned itself with many global companies offering prestigious brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi Motors, Mitsubishi Fuso, Harley-Davidson, Brabus, Hamman, Fab-Design, Kawasaki, MV Agusta and Michelin to name a few. Additionally, NBK founded heavy equipment, power generation, material handling and transportation solutions’ divisions in order to provide the country, its developing companies and its citizens with an all-encompassing, sole provider of premium automotive services and products.

Aspiring to set a new “Capital of Fashion” in the Gulf, NBK also ventured into fashion and brought home a line-up of the most coveted brands such as Amen, Abed Mahfouz ,Barbara Bui , Camilia, Quiksilver and others.

As one of the leading local home-grown conglomerates, Nasser Bin Khaled has itself the aim to continuously boost Qatar’s status as one of today’s world energy giants, environmental and agriculture specialists, as well as home care and healthcare regional key players.

With a shift from a strictly petrochemical economy to a diversified economy, healthcare ranked high on Qatar’s national agenda. The country is bound to the pledge of establishing an integrated healthcare centre and system of excellence, a system that allows for better-off and well-enhanced health and nutrition services caring for local as well as regional GCC citizens who prioritize longer quality lifestyle. Compelled to rising to the occasion, Nasser Bin Khaled introduced a Medical Equipment division providing leading brands in medical supplies that offer span hospital furniture, gymnasiums and health equipment, medical gases and tubes, first aid and emergency equipment, medical treatment facilities and others.

Perfecting its line-up of services for home and interior lifestyle, NBK partnered with dynamic, quality focused design & building companies providing fully comprehensive, integrated interior services for both residential and commercial projects.

Moreover, Nasser Bin Khaled secured its involvement in many landmark developments including Mercedes-Benz Showroom, the Central Bank of Qatar, West Bay Al Salam Plaza, Sealine Beach Resort, West Corner Centre in addition to various schools and the Ministry of Education projects among other prestigious projects completed throughout 30 years of experience. The company has, also, employed its experience and expertise on public buildings, mixed-use compounds, deluxe villas, pump stations, factories, workshops and sea ports. The business group has also been closely linked to Qatar’s first true community lifestyle development, Al Wa’ab City.

Bringing to the market a combination of deep-rooted local expertise and international knowledge in real estate, Nasser Bin Khaled boasts of top quality strategic, proactive business operations, transparency, and professionalism. With a mission to enhance the urban and social milieu in Qatar, NBK has engaged in the buying, selling and maintaining of property, as well as coordinating property management for industrial, commercial and residential buildings plus a diversified range of corporate investment and retail operations, with services extended to reach project development, design and supervision, feasibility studies and annual budgeting.

Nasser Bin Khaled attributes its successes to an extremely proficient team which has, always, been at the heart of executing major private and public developmental projects in the country and which has made NBK’s vision a reality.

Since its inception, NBK has achieved more than just astounding commercial success. Today, the company has earned unprecedented levels of credibility and trust among its clients in Qatar and beyond. A testament to this fact can be found in the company’s strategic alliances with internationally renowned organizations.

As Qatar moves forward, the vision of His Highness the Emir of Qatar is unfolding in the form of impressive achievements. NBK’s success has played a central role in Qatar’s overall rapid development, contributing to the growth of the economy and community.

Guided by its Vision for the Future, Nasser Bin Khaled is poised to keep on leading the Qatari market with its various services and product lines, all the while following the innovative, pragmatic and proactive strategies that cater to the diversifying requirements of a modern, cosmopolitan market.